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Interested in training?

SharePoint 2013 training depends on your level of knowledge if your a novice then we can assure you will we ease you into SharePoint making your experience as comfortable as possible and get you on the road to gaining better knowledge within SharePoint.


For the more advanced clients we will help with skills and allow to progress further skipping the basics and going straight into what you do know and what you wish to work on. Keeping you up to speed, we can introduce tests to be given out to keep you on the ball.


If your interested in training in SharePoint, then get in touch with Polaris 365 today ad we can assist in getting you set up , we will send out a welcome pack with frequently asked Q&A’s form previous clients and tips to get started. If you want to email us instead of using the contact form, then please do so at and we will make sure we get back to you as soon as possible.



Top 10 tips with getting started in SharePoint!

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Polaris 365 offers clients a package deal off SharePoint 2013 training which will include all the basics , tests and support throughout your journey with us. all help and support is available and Skype business meetings can be taken place through out the day to enable you to feel like your getting the best support whilst training. Pricing* is available below off what we can do for you.

Prices are subject to change*


Pricing for SharePoint 2013 training

Novice for 1 Client – £0.00

for 1 client to ranks themselves with very little to no knowledge off SharePoint then this is the package for you


Novice for 2+ Clients (Team Members) – £0.00

this is ideal if you have a team of members within your company that all have little to no experience and are wanting to learn SharePoint 2013


intermediate for 1 Client – £0.00

if you have some knowledge of SharePoint and fell you may want to either look over the basics or feel comfortable with the basics then this package will be for you (1 Client only)


intermediate for 2+ Clients (Team Members) – £0.00

if your team of 2 or more have some knowledge of SharePoint and/or know the basics then this would be the ideal package for you.


Advanced for 1 client – £0.00

Choosing this package would been you know SharePoint from start to finish and want your skills to expand that little but further (1 Client only)


Advanced for 2+ Clients (Team Members) – £0.00

if your team have a great deal of knowledge within SharePoint 2013 and want to expand your knowledge even further then this is the ideal package.


Refresher course (3 hours) – £0.00

Interested in a quick 3 hour session to refresh your memory (not for beginners)

Refresher course (5 hours) – £0.00

Interested in a quick 5 hour session to refresh your memory (not for beginners)

refresher course (10 hours) – £0.00

Interested in a quick 10 hour session to refresh your memory (not for beginners)


Want to book any of these packages in , contact us today and we will help you out!


Intrested in more than one? Polaris 365 can offer you a discounted offer for any multiple packages bought or any refer a friend offers (refer a friend must state the person you heard it from and if that person has/had a package from us then you can earn a discount)