Office 365 Training

Guidance & Training

At Polaris 365 we can offer our clients full office 365 training. If you decide you want to take out a licence with us, we can offer full end user training or maybe you have a licence and need that extra tuition, we can also progress and help you move forward with office 365 and extend the service to fit your business needs.

Office 365 training is designed to get your knowledge and skills set up to speed so you can move your company/business in into the future with confidence that your are getting value for money when subscribing to the service. We cater for the first time user to the advanced working with everyone at their own pace.

The support we have on offer whilst undergoing office 365 training is exceptional. We assure you that if you are ever in a tight spot on how to progress we can be on hand to overcome your barriers.

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What’s New!

Polaris 365 is also introducing Office 365 Training packages. What the package consists off is, if you have small to medium business and need all your team members trained on Office 365 we can introduce team training.

Polaris 365 will work closely with you and your team to achieve your company’s success, if you wish to know more on pricing for either yourself or a team , then contact us today using the form! or if you wish to send us an email you can do this by sending it to and we will be able to assist you with any questions you may have.

If you go ahead with Office 365 training, you will be sent out a welcome pack that includes any general Q&A’s from previous clients as well as how to get started , this will then be followed by a face to face meeting or a phone call, to get the ball rolling and to get you trained up!